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model 2018 מקוריות ! - TRX rip trainer

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TRX rip trainer השיטה המתקדמת ביותר בעולם שיטת האימון החדשנית והאפקטיבית ביותר שסחפה מיליוני אנשים ברחבי העולם

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Get those rock-hard abs and strengthen your core with the TRX® Rip Trainer. With a revolutionary resistance cord system that creates an unbalanced load, this workout kit helps you develop superior core power, flexibility and endurance. The lightweight and portable design allows you to convert any room into a core-blasting gym. Take the ripped challenge and get a shredded core with this ab trainer by TRX®.

  • At-home core fitness kit designed for Lacrosse and other high-intensity sports
  • Helps you build the torque power you need to make your shot faster, your checks stronger and your on-the-run game better
  • Improves your total-body agility, which will increase your offense, defense or in the cage ability
  • Strengthens both your left and right balance that will prepare you for any game-time situation
  • Led by professional Peter Baum, the TRX Lacrosse workout helps demonstrate three levels of progression for all activity levels
  • Includes TRX Rip Trainer, medium resistance cord, carrying bag, safety strap, RIP basic training workout guide, TRX Lacrosse Workout
  • TRX Rip Trainer designed to shred fat, improve core strength and develop rotational power
  • Medium Resistance Cord offers 20 lbs of resistance for the perfect challenge and almost every fitness level
  • Portable and convenient carrying bag for working out on the go
  • Safety Strap helps alert others of the intense workout in progress
  • RIP Basic Training Workout Guide provides a 25-page booklet of 18 exercises
  • TRX Lacrosse Workout includes the revolutionary TRX 30-minute workout
  • Targets overall control, precision and lax specific strength
  • Aids in conditioning and increases overall muscle power
  • Helps elevate your performance and game to the next level
  • Workout Kit includes 30 minute, real-time workout, set-up/use instructions and safety information
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year limited
  • TRX

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